Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joyacki's vegetable garden.

Inspired by his EVS teacher, Jo made it himself. I gave some green gram seeds. He was very curious to watch the sprouted seeds becoming a baby plant and then its leaves growing etc. Unfortunately I couldn't take snaps of the grown up plants. It was grown but didn't get any beans from it. I think sunlight was very poor in the only space he got to do it.
A small notice by Jo to protect his garden.

He says, "don't cut trees...if you do it, our earth will be destroyed"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joyacki's cash prize winning picture.

Joyacki could participate in a drawing competition conducted by Artha Property. It was when he was in 2nd standard. (Now he is in 3rd). We could gladly hear the result announcement after 5,6 months later. He got a cash price of 10,000/- rupees and we bought a new cycle for him. He was really wishing for a cycle at that time.
Green policeman.
I think he got the prize for the idea rather than his drawing. Also he had written on each small pictures, "I will arrest lake spoilers, tree cutters and hill destroyers". His theme stood near to save environment.

Joyacki's first attempts in poster color in this Dussera vacation..

Joyacki had 2 weeks vacation for Dussera. He spent his time by cycling in the morning, then news paper reading for some time (that is done because of appa's compelling), Some time for malayalam alphabets learning, then cartoon watching for 1 hour (strictly 1 hour, otherwise he will sit for the whole day with it), and skating in the evening. We scheduled it for him not to get bored with his holidays.

He tried some drawings in poster color then.


Car. (Road looks like a tree's branch :))


Ben 10, his favorite cartoon character.
He is addicted to this show actually. That's why we are not entertaining him to watch it for long time. Such shows disables kids thinking ability. Then they don't have to use their brain for anything else and it affects them in a bad way.

Some of Joyacki's drawings from his drawing book.

Some of his drawings from his drawing book. He is little more grown up this time.

Happy Birthday boy drawn using sketch pen.

Robot drawn using drawing pencil.
Nature again from his mind.
House with crayons.
House with drawing pencils.
Boy drawn with color pencils.
Some human and other elements drawn with sketch pen.
An attempt to draw his Amma and Appa.

Some of Joyacki's early childhood drawings.

Some of his attempts in Paint Brush software while he was in LKG.

Nature in his vision
I love ice cream

He says it is Dinosaur.